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FantasySharks is an NFT concept that gives access to a closed circle of professional and elite Fantasy Sports Players with a main focus on Sorare. FantasySharks NFTs come with a broad set of utility, such as access to elite communities, exclusive news, proprietary technology tools, dedicated data-analysis and more. On top of this, the first set of released NFTs will also include a mechanism to automatically profit monetarily from the success of the community – exclusively for early owners.

How does this work? FantasySharks NFTs will be released in two distinct drops: 50 FantasySharks & 5,000 BabySharks. The 50 FantasySharks will be pre-minted. Some of them will be offered to elite FS Players, some of them will be auctioned on the open market over a period of ~3 months. Visually, the FantasySharks will be distinct by possessing unique combinations of the rarest Shark traits. The FantasySharks will have access to all community tools and will participate in future Roadmap decisions.

The 5,000 BabySharks will be randomly generated using traits of differing rarity levels that unlock varying levels of access to community tools. Each time a BabyShark sells, the FantasySharks will receive 10% of the proceeds. These proceeds are allocated according to contribution to the community. Thus FantasySharks are incentivized to create as much value as possible for the SharkTank, such that access to the community becomes a valuable & expensive good.